How to Choose Window Grids for Your Replacement Windows in Slidell LA

Outdated windows can lead to chilly homes and high energy bills. Replace them with a trusted window installation pro. Find the right one for your project by narrowing your search in the Professionals section of Houzz.

Having Low-E glass will help you reduce your home’s energy consumption by allowing warm air to stay inside during cold winters and cool air in during hot summers. Also consider getting windows with security features that protect your property from break-ins.

Craftsman Grid Pattern

For homeowners seeking a distinctive, elegant look, the Craftsman grid pattern is an ideal option. These windows feature a diamond lattice that adds character to your home while also increasing its curb appeal. Window contractors use this style of grid to give new homes a craftsman vibe, as well as restore old houses with historic charm.

Another type of window grid is the colonial grid, which features small rectangles that create a traditional and classic aesthetic. This style is often used in Colonial, Georgian, and Federal architecture.

Some types of window grids are permanently bonded to the glass, while others can be removed for cleaning. If you’re interested in reducing your utility bills with a highly energy-efficient window, consider selecting a grid pattern with a low U-Factor and SHGC rating. This will help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, despite the harsh Louisiana weather. Talk with your local Slidell LA window contractor to learn more about the different types of window grids available.

Diamond Grid Pattern

The diamond grid pattern is a popular choice for Tudor and Victorian homes. It divides panes of glass diagonally, giving your home a distinctive look. It is also a good choice for accent windows that will serve as focal points of your exterior design.

You can also customize your window with a custom grid pattern to make it truly unique. Circular and arched patterns can add a soft, feminine touch to your windows while abstract and geometric designs offer a modern twist on classic styles.

Besides improving the aesthetics of your home, new replacement windows can improve its energy efficiency. They have a lower U-factor and SHGC, so they keep heat inside your home during the cold winters and outside in the hot summers. Additionally, they can reduce condensation between window panes and prevent rot and mold. Look for window installation companies in Slidell LA that offer low-E glass, which helps homeowners save on energy bills and reduces the risk of moisture damage to their home.

Colonial Grid Pattern

A classic grid pattern evokes a traditional feel by dividing windowpanes into even, well-proportioned panes. This style works perfectly with Colonial, Georgian, and Cape Cod homes. It is also ideal for double-hung windows. Generally, this type of grid divides the sash into six or nine square grids, and it can look particularly attractive when both the top and bottom windows are divided into six-over-six grids.

A diamond-shaped grid adds a touch of elegance to your home. This style is often seen in Craftsman and Queen Anne-style homes, and it offers a unique aesthetic that stands out from the proportional look of other types of windows.

Farmhouse grids offer a conventional look and are ideal for contemporary farmhouse and other modern farmhouse-style homes. This type of grid divides a windowpane into four or six equal “lites” and looks great in double-hung windows. It is also a good option for coastal and lake houses that want to enhance their natural beauty. However, this style can impede outdoor views.

Prairie Grid Pattern

When installing replacement windows, your home’s style can dictate whether window grids will complement it or look out of place. For example, a prairie grid pattern might not work well with a Colonial home while a Victorian style would look good with a bungalow or craftsman-style house.

The size of your windows also plays a role in what type of grids will best suit your needs. Large windows often look great with a classic grid pattern while casement or picture windows might not work as well with grids.

For a more modern option, consider the prairie-style grid pattern. This style uses fewer lines and leaves more of your glass panes unobstructed for a cleaner look that works well with contemporary styles.