Energy Efficient Double Pane Windows

If you want your windows to be more energy efficient, choose double pane. They will prevent heat loss in the winter and prevent heat gain in the summer, which can reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Energy efficient windows can also help you save on energy costs and increase your home’s value. Talk to a local window installation expert about what options are best for your home.

Double Hung

Energy efficient double pane windows create a barrier between your home and the harsh Louisiana weather, which reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems and lowers energy bills. They also help reduce noise from the street or neighborhood, making a more peaceful indoor environment.

They combine two window panes inside a frame and include a pocket for Argon gas between them, which increases the insulating capabilities of the window. They are a great choice for Slidell LA residents who want a high-performance upgrade that will save on energy costs.

Major brands incorporate performance enhancers such as Low-E coating and argon gas filling into their manufacturing process. They can also be customized with a wide range of grid patterns, allowing homeowners to choose the style that suits their home.


Whether you are installing new windows in your home or replacing old ones, local window installation pros can help you choose the best windows for your home and lifestyle. They can also advise you on other energy efficient home upgrades, such as smart thermostats and high R-value insulation.

Double pane windows are more insulated than single pane windows and can save you money on your heating bills. They also reduce outdoor noise and improve your comfort level. These benefits will increase your home’s value when you decide to sell it.

Window contractors should have a long track record of quality work and support community efforts to keep the environment clean and healthy. They should also offer lengthy warranties for products, parts and labor.

Single Hung

Unlike single-pane windows, double-hung windows have two operating sashes that can be opened from the bottom up or from the top down. This allows air to circulate in your home during hot or cold weather, which can lower your energy bills.

Moreover, these windows are less likely to suffer from condensation. Condensation can lead to mold and mildew, which are not good for your home’s health. Double-pane windows can prevent this from happening by providing superior insulation.

These windows also provide more security since the upper sash can only be pushed in by gravity when the window is open. This feature makes them a great choice for homes with children.


Designed to open wide using a crank handle, these windows maximize ventilation while providing natural light and a premium appearance. They also offer excellent energy efficiency, combining thermal breaks, argon fill and Low E glass to achieve ENERGY STAR ratings.

This window style is commonly used in combination with other windows to create Bays that can increase natural light and add dimension to rooms. It also helps reduce outside noise, promoting a more serene indoor environment. These benefits can also lead to lower energy bills. These windows are also available in a variety of styles and materials, including vinyl and wood. The frames can also be customized to your preferred color and finish.

Double Pane

Double pane windows consist of two window panes inside the same frame, with a space between them that is filled with a gas such as argon or krypton. This air gap improves insulation and reduces energy costs.

The sealed air gap in these windows makes it difficult for hot or cold air to pass through, which can help lower your energy bills throughout the year. It also helps to reduce outside noise and harmful UV rays, which can fade fabrics and bleach paintings over time.

These windows are durable and low maintenance, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes to match your home’s decor. They’re a great choice for homeowners who want to save money on their energy costs while improving their home’s curb appeal.

Triple Pane

A triple-pane window features three panes of glass with a gap between each that is filled with an inert gas, such as argon or krypton. This helps improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and sound from outside your home.

Triple-pane windows also reduce the amount of interior condensation that forms due to warmer indoor air contacting colder window surfaces. This feature can be particularly beneficial in the winter when viruses, bacteria and flu germs are more prevalent.

Triple-pane windows typically cost 10 to 15 percent more than double-pane windows and require more complex construction and installation. It may take several years to recoup the additional expense through energy savings and utility bills.