Casement Windows in Slidell LA

Casement windows Slidell LA

If you are looking for something different than standard double-hung windows, consider getting casement windows. These hinged window panes crank out to the left or right and offer several benefits.

They are limited in size by the weight they must support when opened, so it’s best to consult a local window contractor.

They’re Very Energy-Efficient

If you’re looking for windows that will allow for amazing airflow and unobstructed views while also saving you money on your energy bills, consider casement windows. These windows open and close like doors, forming tight seals that keep heat or cool air in your home and prevent air from escaping—saving you money throughout the year.

They’re also more efficient than most other window types. They’re more effective at improving air circulation, and they can easily catch side breezes to funnel refreshing outdoor air into your home.

Their opening and closing mechanisms are much easier to operate than the sashes of double-hung or sliding windows. The hardware is concealed within the frame and is unlikely to get in the way of your view or eyesight, making it difficult for thieves to tamper with these windows. This makes them one of the most secure windows on the market.

They’re Very Secure

One of the best things about casement windows is that they’re one of the most secure window types you can install in your home. They open by cranking outward, making it difficult to force them open or climb inside. And they have a strong locking mechanism that’s easy to operate. You can even add bars and grates to boost security levels further.

A basic replacement single-frame casement window costs between $360 and $540 (window only). This price is based on the frame material you choose — vinyl or wood.

All major window manufacturers produce standard casement windows in good, better and best grades with varying features and options. For example, Marvin Elevate produces single and double casement windows with narrow frames to maximize glass space. Other options include spectrally selective coatings that improve energy efficiency and argon or krypton gas that fills the air spaces between window panes to slow heat transfer. These options increase cost.

They’re Great for Ventilation

Unlike double-hung windows, which require the use of a sash that must be moved up and down against gravity, casement windows open easily with a crank handle. This allows you to open them fully from top to bottom to let in a breeze. Since there is only one sash, they are also easier to clean than sliding windows.

Moreover, the opening mechanism of these windows can be adjusted to a wide variety of degrees, meaning you can let in just a small breeze or even a full-on gust. This makes them better suited for homes that have poor cross-ventilation than other window styles.

If you want to maximize your home’s ventilation while reducing its energy costs, you may be interested in contacting a local window installation company like Renewal by Andersen. This provider offers a wide selection of windows that meet Energy Star standards. To get started, you can request a free quote on its website.

They’re Very Attractive

Unlike double-hung windows, casement windows shut thoroughly on all sides, making it difficult for someone to break in. They’re also highly durable, with tight seals that prevent energy loss. Additionally, casement windows are very easy to open and close, making them perfect for hard-to-reach spots, like over the kitchen sink.

They are a great way to bring style and character to a home that might otherwise be dull or plain. For example, they can make small rooms feel larger and dark homes seem brighter. They can even help save money on energy bills by directing the wind to specific areas of the house.

The only downside to these windows is that they can’t be built bigger than a certain size, because of their hinges and crank. But that doesn’t stop homeowners from buying them, because of all the benefits they offer. And, thanks to the wide range of design options available, they can look great in almost any home.