Add Curb Appeal and Security to Your Home With Patio Doors

Front entry doors Slidell LA

A new patio door creates a welcoming entryway and can increase your home’s value. Patio doors are available in many designs, and you can choose a style that fits your budget.

Steel and fiberglass doors are engineered for energy efficiency. They include a thermal break that prevents outside heat and cold from passing through the door skin and frame.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important because your home’s entry doors create a first impression that says, “Welcome to our house!” The front door system you choose is an expression of decorative taste and creativity but it’s also a practical investment. It has to be tough against the elements and strong enough to deter criminals.

Iron doors are a great choice for curb appeal, because they look beautiful and increase your security at the same time. They are strong enough to keep intruders from shouldering them open, and they can be made with a double screen door option for extra security when you want to let the breezes through.

French doors are another popular style that offers both a classic and attractive design. They are perfect for entranceways, back porches and multi-season rooms. These double doors can also be fitted with a screen door for those who like to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the bugs or rain.

Energy Efficiency

A new front door doesn’t just add curb appeal; it can also increase energy efficiency. The insulated fiberglass or steel cores of these doors resist thermal transfer, which means you’ll see lower heating and cooling costs.

Metal exterior doors are good insulators but can be susceptible to dents and other damage that reduces their durability over time. Wood entry doors offer a natural insulator but can rot or warp in damp climates. Composite or aluminum doors don’t absorb heat well and are often prone to fading over time.

When shopping for an insulated door, look for the ENERGY STAR label and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rating. Those ratings let you compare the insulation performance of different products in relation to your local climate and home design. Choose a door with glass that creates a light-filled entryway without sacrificing privacy. Available textured obscure glass allows you to let in light while maintaining your privacy.


Whether you’re building a new house or replacing your existing front doors, there are many options for door materials. Choosing the right one for your home will improve energy efficiency, curb appeal and security. Some of the more popular choices include fiberglass and steel doors with glass. Each has its own unique set of qualities.

A new door can be a significant investment. But, it also adds value to your home. It’s important that it withstand weather elements, keeps out intruders and is easy to maintain.

Therma-Tru’s AccuGrain technology creates doors that look like wood but perform with the strength of steel. They’re also insulated and provide superior energy efficiency. In fact, they can pay for themselves in energy savings. Their durable composite frames resist warping, rotting and rusting. And, they can be painted with a wide range of colors. Therma-Tru entry doors are an affordable option for homeowners that provide a high return on investment.


Depending on the door style you choose, it may be equipped with features designed for security. For example, some doors are made from steel, which is known for being stout and difficult to break into. Steel entry doors are also rigid and whole (meaning they are molded as one unit rather than component pieces), which makes them harder for burglars to force open.

Another option is fiberglass, which is a type of reinforced plastic. It can be molded into different styles, and it’s pliant enough to support deadbolt installations. This type of door is also resistant to rust and requires little maintenance.

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