Choosing Door Styles That Match Your Style

The right door is more than a design element — it elevates the home’s aesthetic and security while serving core functions like defending against weather damage and providing energy savings through insulation. Slidell LA homeowners have several material choices when choosing the perfect front door.

Fiberglass doors offer a modern solution, while steel offers durability against potential intruders. Acadian makes trustworthy storm doors Slidell LA that fortify against weather damage with extruded aluminum frames and ultra-tough safety glass (similar to your car’s windshield) that holds up to debris and hurricane winds.


Choosing the right doors elevates your home’s aesthetic and protects it from outside forces. Exterior doors need to be tough against potential break-ins and weather conditions, while interior doors should blend in with existing aesthetic and offer performance that cut energy costs.

Fiberglass is a type of composite material, also known as fiberglass-reinforced plastic (GFRP) or glass-fiber reinforced polymer (GFK). It is made of glass fibers that are embedded in a polymer matrix. The resulting material has many industrial applications, and it is commonly used in construction and manufacturing.


Your front door plays a critical role in keeping your home safe, preventing energy loss and keeping intruders out. It needs to be durable against wear and tear, resilient to weather conditions in Slidell LA and stylish enough to complement your overall aesthetic.

Steel doors are highly resistant to damage and feature advanced security features, making them a solid choice for homeowners who prioritize safety. They also provide an attractive modern appearance and come with insulation options that can regulate indoor temperature and reduce energy costs.

Glass doors seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with the luminous appeal of natural light. They are ideal for Slidell LA homes that want to make a statement and welcome guests with an elegant touch.


Aluminum doors are lightweight but durable, making them an excellent option for Slidell LA homeowners who want a sleek and modern look. These doors are also highly resistant to corrosion and offer a wide variety of finishes. They can also be customized with a variety of decorative elements to suit any taste.

The right front door can elevate a home’s appearance, increase security, and provide energy savings. To help you find the right style for your home, consult with a local interior design professional. These professionals can hone your style down to its core, then choose the best products and materials to complement it.


The right door elevates the aesthetic of a home and ensures its protection. It should be tough against wear and tear, resilient to changing weather conditions in Slidell LA, and offer potential energy savings due to insulation.

Fiberglass is an attractive option that mimics the appearance of wood without its high maintenance costs. This material is also resistant to warping, rot, and rusting, ensuring longevity.

Interior design professionals handle a variety of surface-level aesthetics to make a space functional and appealing. They may have formal education or training in CAD, as well as a portfolio that showcases their past work.


The right door can elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal and ensure that it’s protected against the elements. It can also increase your security and potentially save you money on energy costs.

One of the most popular iron door styles is Spanish-inspired, and it’s great for homes that have a Latin design theme. However, it works well with modern and traditional homes as well.

Doors that are made primarily of wrought iron tend to have outer areas with ornately-crafted iron bars, while the inner areas can be either wood or glass. They’re great for homeowners who want a look that’s unique and luxurious.

Storm Doors

Patio doors are a great way to increase the visual appeal of your home and let in natural light. They come in a variety of styles and materials, so you can find one that matches your style. They are also energy efficient, so you can save money on your energy bills.

Acadian makes trusted storm doors Slidell LA that are fortified to withstand hurricanes and heavy winds. They feature extruded aluminum frames and safety glass similar to that used in windshields. These doors are durable enough to protect against intruders and debris, and they also increase light and ventilation.

Sliding Glass

Sliding glass doors, also known as patio doors, create a seamless blend between indoors and outdoors. They slide open on a track and offer access to outdoor areas, fresh air, and copious natural light.

Designed with security in mind, these doors include welded frames and tempered glass. They are also energy efficient, minimizing heat loss and keeping homes comfortable throughout the year.

These doors are available in a wide range of colors to match any decor style. They can be installed in multi-panel, by-pass, or pocket configurations to enhance indoor living spaces.