Double Pane Windows Slidell LA

Double pane windows offer a number of benefits, including increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills. They also reduce noise and harmful UV rays, creating a comfortable indoor environment.

Foggy or condensation between window panes can be a frustrating issue that affects your home’s comfort and appearance. Find local pros that can provide fogging removal and condensation window repair.

Energy Efficiency

Double pane windows have space between two glass sashes which can be filled with an inert gas like argon or krypton to help reduce energy costs. They also have a protective seal that helps keep water and dust out.

During the winter, double-pane windows minimize cold air leaks and keep your home warm. In the summer, they help lower your cooling bills by blocking UV rays that cause heat buildup.

The extra layer of insulation blocks unwanted noise from traffic, neighbors, weather and more. This noise reduction is a great benefit for homes located near railroad tracks or busy streets. It’s also a benefit for those with elderly family members living in the home.

Low-E Glass

Low-e glass uses a special coating that reduces the amount of radiant energy (heat) that passes through the window. This energy is reflected away from the window, keeping interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. This can translate to significant savings on energy bills.

Another benefit of low-e windows is that they reduce the amount of UV radiation that enters buildings. This type of radiation can cause sunburn and fade fabrics and carpets over time. By reflecting UV radiation, double pane windows help protect building occupants and furniture.

Double pane windows also reduce outside noise, creating a more peaceful indoor environment. The dual pane design helps reduce vibrations from nearby traffic and construction work. This can be a huge benefit for residents and visitors of commercial buildings.


Window replacement companies provide a wide range of options to fit your style. For example, vinyl windows come in various colors and can complement the architecture of traditional homes. Some companies also offer Colonial grid patterns that add a classic look to your home.

Energy-efficient double pane windows help reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling, resulting in substantial savings on your utility bills. They also improve indoor temperature consistency and limit noise pollution.

The insulating barrier between the two panes helps to reduce drafts and prevent heat transfer, making them more comfortable all year round. The Low-E coating also reflects sunlight and other harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture, carpets, and artwork from fading. In addition, dual pane windows are more secure than single-pane windows and can help protect your family against intruders.

Visual Appeal

Aside from their energy efficiency, double pane windows add a nice aesthetic to your home. Their modern look can help elevate your property’s curb appeal and make it a desirable residence in your neighborhood. Window replacement is also a wise renovation option for homeowners who plan to sell their homes in the future, as it can significantly increase their home’s value.

When looking at older windows (pre 1980’s) and determining whether they are single or double pane, simply inspect the area where the glass meets the window sash. If there is a spacer, it’s a double pane or insulated window; if not, it’s a single pane window.

Insulated windows have a spacer between the two lites of glass filled with either Argon or Krypton, both noble gasses that are denser than regular air. This acts as an extra layer of insulation, keeping the heat in during chilly winters and out during hot summers.


During a hurricane, winds pick up objects and fling them wildly in the air. These become dangerous projectiles that can pierce through your home’s windows and cause severe damage. The best way to protect your family and belongings is by investing in code-approved impact windows.

Similar to automobile windshields, these windows have a strong laminate layer set between two panes of glass. During a hurricane, this inner laminate takes the impact forces from flying debris and prevents them from entering the house and causing pressure issues.

Window grids are available in several styles, including Colonial, Prairie, specified equal light, and diamond. The varying patterns give you options for a style that matches your home’s architectural style. Additionally, the impact resistant properties of these windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your utility bills all year round.