Residential Windows Slidell LA

Window installation is a smart investment for any homeowner. The right windows can add beauty and comfort to the home while increasing its value.

Choose a reliable local window installation company to ensure that your new windows are a great fit. The best windows will allow natural light in and keep out the weather, while keeping the house comfortable.


Craftsman windows add a classic look to your home. They feature thick moldings that create a clean and elegant look. If you prefer a more traditional style, opt for a Colonial grid pattern.

Local window installation services can help you pick the right windows for your space and home style. They can also guide you on the best options for your budget. This way, you can get the most out of your renovation investment.

Argon gas-filled replacement windows provide superior insulation and efficiency. The argon is a non-toxic, denser gas that traps heat and keeps it in your home during chilly winters and hot summers.


Replacing your windows is a smart way to add value to your home and improve its appearance. It can also help reduce your heating and cooling costs. However, choosing the right style is crucial to getting the best results.

If you want a window replacement that blends traditional style with modern efficiency, consider the Colonial grid pattern. This style features a series of small rectangles and squares that create an orderly look that suits many homes.

Consider upgrading your windows to Argon gas-filled windows for even more efficiency. These windows are double-pane and filled with a nontoxic, inert gas that is denser than air and helps to reduce energy costs.

Double Hung

A double-hung window features two operable sashes and allows for maximum circulation and ventilation. It also tilts so the interior and exterior glass can be cleaned without having to climb a ladder or hire a professional cleaning service. This window style is ideal for second story rooms and other hard to reach areas.

A double-hung window can be upgraded with a high-performance insulated glass package. This will reduce solar heat accumulation, minimize interior glare and lower indoor glass surface temperatures, which helps homeowners save on energy costs year-round. Its narrow silhouette frame and sash profiles complement the aesthetics of traditional homes.

Single Hung

In addition to being a great insulator, single-hung windows allow for air circulation, helping your home cool down and keeping it fresh. These windows also have clean sight lines, allowing natural light to flow into your home and enhancing its aesthetics.

The upper sash remains stationary, while the lower sash can be opened and slid up and down. This allows you to increase the amount of fresh air in your home, and helps you save energy costs by reducing your AC’s workload during the summer.

Window installation professionals can help you choose the right windows for your home. They are familiar with the needs of local homeowners and can provide you with high-quality products and exceptional results.

Low-E Glass

Window replacement is a smart investment for homeowners that can improve the overall aesthetic of their home. It can also increase property value and reduce maintenance needs. Choosing windows with a Low-E rating is an excellent way to improve your energy efficiency.

Radiation has different wavelengths and the coating on a Low-E window filters out long wavelengths while allowing short ones to pass through. This helps to keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

You can test the effectiveness of your windows with a simple trick. Hold a match or pen light up to the glass of your double-paned window. You should see four reflections. If your windows have a Low-E coating, one of the reflections will be a different color than the others.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass windows are double or triple-paned and have a pocket of air (or sometimes argon gas) between each window pane. This helps prevent heat loss through infiltration, conduction, and radiation. It also reduces condensation, a common source of mold and mildew in the home.

They help keep your energy costs low, so you can save money and have more comfort in your home. They also provide improved curb appeal, which increases your home’s resale value.

They also protect your possessions by diminishing the penetration of harmful UV rays that can cause fading or damage. Some of these windows are offered with a grid pattern, such as the popular Colonial style that works well in traditional homes.