Window Replacement Cost Slidell LA

Window replacement should never be just an afterthought. Aside from making your home more attractive, you also want to ensure the safety of its occupants. For this reason, you may want to consider windows that are hurricane-resistant or have smart alarm sensors.

Energy-efficient windows help lower utility bills while preventing your furniture, carpeting and drapes from fading due to harmful UV rays. They are also known to reduce noise levels.

Craftsman Grid Pattern

The craftsman window grid pattern lives up to its name, offering a classic look that can fit in many home styles. This style features a grid on the outside of the glass, which makes it easy to clean and keeps it looking great. This type of window grid is perfect for homeowners who want a more traditional look, but they also want their windows to be energy efficient.

Another option is the diamond grid pattern, which divides the panes of glass into diagonal sections. This design is typically used for Tudor or Victorian homes and can be a beautiful addition to other home styles as well.

Finally, there is the prairie grid pattern. This design features a grid on the outside of the window, but the center is free of lines so you can enjoy a clear view. This window grid style is ideal for craftsman and bungalow homes, but it can also be a nice touch to a more modern home as well.

Diamond Grid Pattern

Nothing says modern industrial like this quintessential metal grid design. It is crafted from industrial sheet metals and may have surface tooling marks, light scratches and slight color variation, adding to the authenticity of this decor.

Window grids are an eye-catching way to add personality to your home’s exterior. Different styles work better with certain architectural styles, so be sure to consider how you want the grid pattern to fit into your home’s overall style plan.

A chilly house and high energy bills can signal that it’s time to replace your windows. A good local window installation provider can provide you with quality windows that will help lower your energy bills and protect your home from extreme weather. They can also offer you a variety of add-ons, including privacy glass, multi-point locking systems and tinted options. All of these features will contribute to your energy efficiency and help reduce noise. They’ll also give you a higher return on your investment.

Prairie Grid Pattern

If you’re looking for a window grid style that fuses contemporary with traditional, look no further than the prairie grid pattern. This window design has vertical frames on the perimeter of the sash, leaving more open glass space. This type of window works well with craftsman and prairie-style homes and provides a clean, balanced appearance for your living room or dining room.

Another popular option is the diamond window grid style. It visually divides the window glass using diagonal dividers, creating an ornamental look. This type of grid style is often used in Tudor, English cottage, and Victorian-style homes.

Single windows above sinks and in bathrooms usually look best with no grids, letting the window shape be the focal point. However, solitary casement styles above a bay window can also be paired with Colonial or diamond grids for a classic look. It’s important to check with your homeowners association or historic district before choosing a window grid style. Some neighborhoods require specific types of window grids, and some buildings require no grids at all for a historical preservation.

Colonial Grid Pattern

Window grids add character to a window, but they also help keep the glass clear from dirt and debris. They’re popular in Craftsman-style bungalows and Victorian homes, but can be used to complement many house styles. They can be incorporated into double-hung windows and even some crank-out casement and awning windows.

Colonial-style grids consist of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical dividers that create small rectangular or square sections. This symmetrical look suits a range of traditional, Georgian, and Cape Cod houses. You can choose to include colonial grids on both the top and bottom sashes of a double-hung window or simply use them on the top sash.

Another option is to have top-row colonial grids and leave the bottom half of the window bare. This allows more sunlight into your home, but can also make cleaning the windows more difficult because there are more sashes to clean. This style is a great choice for homeowners who don’t want the maintenance of a full set of colonial grid windows.