How Front Entry Doors Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Energy Efficient

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Front doors need to be tough against the elements, but also easy on the eyes. Thankfully, there are local pros to help you select, design and install doors that fit your family’s lifestyle and home aesthetic.

A new front door can boost your energy efficiency with insulation that limits heat transfer and air leakage. For a brighter, more welcoming entryway, choose front doors with glass and add sidelights or transoms to maintain privacy.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of those phrases real estate agents throw around to help prospective home buyers understand the importance of making a good first impression. The term relates to how attractive and well-maintained the exterior of a house looks, with the goal being that it creates a halo effect in the mind of a buyer.

A fresh coat of paint, new door hardware and an eye-catching wreath can go a long way toward improving your home’s curb appeal. But you can also make a big impact with simple, inexpensive DIY front door ideas that use materials already on hand.

For example, you could give your entry a classic feel with an oil-bronze lockset and matching sconces or go for a modern industrial look with brushed nickel fixtures. A flowering vine framed by lattice panels is another cost-effective way to add color and beauty to your front entrance. Similarly, you can easily create a custom welcome mat using spray-painted blades of grass in varying shades of green to form a fun, nature-inspired pattern.

Energy Efficiency

Your doors need to withstand the elements, but you also want them to save you money on your energy bills. A few amateur energy-saving tips may save you a couple of bucks, but professional services can often help you cut your bill by 5-30%.

An energy-efficient door offers a higher R-factor, and lower U-factor, which helps to keep out cold air and hold in warm air. Look for the ENERGY STAR label and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label to find doors that are rated well for your climate.

Acadian storm doors are durable and insulated, allowing you to enjoy light and airflow while keeping your home protected from high winds, debris, and flying objects. Their impact-resistant glass and extruded aluminum frames can withstand even the strongest winds. The windows and frames are sealed with polyurethane foam for extra insulation and strength. The insulating materials and Low-E multi-pane glass help to keep your house more comfortable throughout the year.


Your front door may not be used as often as your garage or side doors, but it plays an important role in the look and functionality of your home. It also contributes to your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency and security. It should be durable against weather and intruders.

Iron, steel and fiberglass doors resist weather hazards better than other materials. They don’t warp or crack in humid climates, and they won’t rot from water damage like wood doors. They have an energy efficient insulation that reduces drafts and helps keep your home comfortable year-round.

You can increase the visual interest of your entryway by adding sidelights or a transom. These are fixed windows that can be added to a front door in rectangular or curved designs. These can let more light into a foyer while maintaining a level of privacy. You can also select doors with textured obscure glass to maintain privacy while still allowing in natural light.


The front door is the first thing that friends, family members and visitors see. It should be tough against the elements, easy on the eyes and provide a strong deterrent to intruders. It’s also responsible for keeping your home insulated and energy efficient.

The best front entry doors are made from steel or fiberglass. These are durable materials that offer strength against forced entry and a layer of insulation against outside air infiltration. They’re available in a variety of finishes, styles and colors to suit your home design.

Wooden doors are a popular choice but require more maintenance than other types of front entry doors. They can swell or rot from moisture, so they must be sealed and resealed frequently. They can also crack or warp if they’re exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.