Different Window Styles for Different Rooms in Slidell LA

Windows are an integral component to the style and comfort of your home. Replacing old, outdated windows is a wise renovation investment that often contributes to an increased property value.

Window installation professionals can help you choose from a variety of windows styles and designs to complement your space. Some companies, like Renewal by Andersen, offer Energy Star windows.

Single Hung

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing your existing windows, single-hung windows are a great choice. They are simple to clean and offer excellent ventilation without sacrificing security.

Single-hung windows have a fixed top sash and a bottom sash that can be operated vertically. They provide an attractive aesthetic that works well in a variety of architectural styles.

Double Hung

Replacing your windows with new double-hung models is a smart renovation choice that brings timeless beauty, value and comfort to your property. These classic windows are engineered to withstand powerful winds and heavy weather, using innovative technology like slope sills and interlocking sash-to-sill design.

To clean your double-hung windows, first unlock and raise them about 2″. Move the wash assist tabs so they’re between the sash and frame, then carefully pull the lower window sash towards you and rest it on another object for support (do not tilt more than 90 degrees). Push the tilt latches inward to allow the upper sash to move up and down as needed.


A casement window opens by using a crank handle and offers easy operation. They offer a maximized glass area and architectural design to your home while also providing ventilation. They also feature a convenient lock and enhanced security.

With a rugged seal and hardware design, Stanek casement windows deliver superior energy savings performance with U-Values that far surpass traditional window styles. This has a direct impact on your household budget and the environment.

Interior designers plan and implement interior spaces, including furniture, flooring, wall colors, and accessories. They may work independently or for a decorator firm.


Window replacement is a smart home improvement investment, often contributing to an increase in property value. However, there are many different types of windows to choose from, making the process overwhelming for some homeowners.

Luckily, professional Window Installers Slidell LA can help you select the best windows for your home and decor style. To get started, simply enter your zip code to be matched with local home window tinting professionals near you! Window tinting is a simple way to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. It can also protect your home from harmful UV rays.

Bay & Bow

Compared to standard double hung and picture windows, bay and bow windows provide a much wider view with more interior space. They are a great option for living rooms, master suites or any room you want to highlight with a cozy window seat or extra storage.

Bow windows are made up of four to six equal-sized window sections, arranged in a subtle curve. They are more rounded than the angular lines of bay windows and require at least 80 inches of space to open.

Like bay windows, they offer a wide ledge that’s ripe for decoration, from decorative pillows and cushions to plants, candles and lamps.

Half Circle

Arched windows can add a touch of elegance to a home, but they’re also known for creating cozy living spaces. Renewal by Andersen has many options for arched window replacement, including cottage-style arched windows and Gothic-styled ones. They’re made from eco-friendly materials, and they come with customizable grilles for any architectural style.

Half circle windows, also called full chord windows and semicircle windows, have a beautiful shape and work well as transoms above other windows or doors. They fill rooms with natural light and provide a soft, attractive contrast to straight corners of rectangular shapes. They’re available in both equal and unequal lite configurations.

Vertical Sliding

Hung windows are a popular choice among homeowners for their style, affordability, and improved ventilation control. They have sashes that slide up and down within the window frame to open or close.

Sliding windows are a great option for homes that require unbroken views and a wide range of ventilation. They work best in rooms like living and dining areas.

The aesthetically-pleasing vertical sliding windows can also be used as pass through windows for restaurants. These windows allow customers to exchange orders and payments. The windows offer a safe and secure design for your food stand during inclement weather.