Window Installation Services in Slidell LA

Keeping your house cool and comfortable while cutting costs on energy bills can be easy with home window tint. We can connect you with specialized professionals who provide this service in Slidell and surrounding areas.

These experts can help you pick the best windows for your needs, taste and home style. They can also give you advice on doors with windows and other paned portals.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are a classic choice for new construction or replacement. They have a bottom panel that vertically slides open to let in fresh air and a fixed top frame to enhance weather resistance.

Unlike double hung windows, which have two movable sashes that can be opened or closed individually, single-hung windows have one sash that moves up and down. This can make it difficult to clean the upper pane of glass if you have kids or pets living in your home.

However, these windows are less expensive and easier to install than double hung windows. They can also be an energy-efficient option.

Double Hung Windows

Featuring two operating window sashes, double hung windows are more energy-efficient than single hung options. They allow for ventilation in all directions and can be a great option for moderate climates.

These windows are also easier to clean than single-hung options, especially on upper floors. The bottom window panel slides up and overlaps the top, which allows you to access both sides of the glass from inside your home.

The cost of a new double hung window can vary depending on the size, window frame materials, and window treatments. Additionally, a larger double hung window will be more expensive to install because it will require a bigger window opening.

Casement Windows

If you’re looking to add air flow and light to a room without compromising on a clear view, casement windows may be the right choice for you. These windows are hinged on the sides and open outward with a simple turn of a handle. They are a popular option for rooms that need extra ventilation, like bedrooms and living areas.

Unlike single- or double-hung windows, casement windows don’t have meeting rails and sashes, which means they offer unobstructed views and are easy to clean. They also fit well in many different styles of homes.

Your windows are an essential part of your home. If you notice leaks, drafts or other problems, it’s time to call in a professional window installation service.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, also known as gliders, are a great choice for high traffic areas because they open horizontally and provide uninterrupted visibility. They are easy to operate and can be customized with different colors and materials. They also have a simpler mechanism, so they require less maintenance and don’t have components that can degrade over time.

However, sliding windows tend to collect dirt in their bottom tracks, making them more difficult to open. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to clean and lubricate the track on a regular basis. This will help keep the window operating smoothly and efficiently.

Bay Windows

Bay and bow windows are one of the most transformative window options for a home. They add depth to rooms and create a cozy spot for reading, playing games, or cooking. They also let in more natural light and offer a full view of the outside scenery.

While bay windows are often seen in transitional and contemporary styles, they can complement traditional home styles such as a classic cottage or Victorian design. They usually feature two angled operable windows with a fixed inoperable picture window in between. The angled windows are usually casement or double-hung. They are narrower than bow windows, and have a more angular appearance.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a great addition to any home. They offer a lot of space for plants, herbs or other decorations like jars and knick-knacks. They also provide a lot of light to the room.

Because they can be opened on both sides, they allow natural air flow. This can help keep your kitchen ventilated and reduce the amount of odor or condensation that builds up in the corners.

Garden windows give you a clear view of your backyard and surrounding landscape. They are usually located above the kitchen sink but can be found in living areas as well. Keeping them clean is easy with regular cleanings from a professional.