Reduce Your Energy Bills With Double Pane Windows

Windows are a big part of your home and they impact your energy bills. Having double pane windows will reduce your energy costs significantly.

Double pane windows are made with two layers of glass separated by a spacer that contains air or inert gas such as argon. This provides impressive insulation.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Windows allow light to enter your home, and they also provide a view of the outside world. But if they aren’t properly insulated, your home could lose up to 25% of its heat or cool air through them. This can be expensive for your home, and it’s bad for the environment.

New double pane windows can help reduce this loss and lower your energy bills. These windows have two panes of glass and are insulated with Low-E coating and argon gas. This keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Window installation companies like Window World and Renewal by Andersen can install windows that qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. Both companies offer a variety of window types, but prices vary widely depending on the type and size of windows you need. Ask your local installer to quote you a price for your project. This will ensure you have the best windows for your home’s needs.

Increased Home Value

Your windows make up a significant percentage of your home’s exterior and can greatly affect the look, feel, and functionality of your house. That is why it’s important to choose the right window for your home. A local window installation company can help you find the best windows for your needs and home style.

Insulated, double pane windows are made of two glass panes that are separated by an insulating spacer, which is often filled with inert gas like argon to heighten energy efficiency. The two panes are sealed together with a durable, high-quality sealant that keeps out moisture and cold air. As a result, you can expect reduced energy costs for your home heating and cooling as well as a perceptible reduction in noise.

If you’re in the market for new, energy efficient windows for your home, be sure to contact one of the top window contractors Slidell LA. They can help you save money and live more comfortably while adding lasting value to your home.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Whether it’s your noisy neighbors, the traffic or an ambulance blaring down your street, noise pollution can make it hard to get a good night sleep. Window World, a well-known national window installation company, recommends triple pane windows as the best way to keep sound out of your home.

The air in between the two panes of a double pane window (generally argon gas) acts as an insulator and helps to reduce noise pollution by cushioning it. Moreover, this type of window is available in popular frame styles to complement your home’s style.

Plus, they eliminate the need for storm windows which have to be put up each fall and taken down each spring, saving you time and money. The soft coat low e-glass they use also prevents radiant thermal heat from entering your home, further reducing energy usage and improving your comfort. Energy efficient windows pay for themselves over time by lowering your utility bills.

Increased Comfort

In homes fitted with double pane windows, occupants will enjoy increased comfort levels due to the ability to more easily control indoor temperatures. Moreover, insulation helps dampen outside noises. This feature is particularly useful in cities with busy streets and construction zones where outside noises can be bothersome.

Insulated double pane windows also offer energy savings. A study found that a single-pane window loses 25-30% of heat through the glass while an insulated double pane window only loses 18% of heat. In the long run, this can significantly reduce utility bills.

In order to take advantage of these benefits, homeowners should find a professional window contractor that offers energy efficient replacement windows in Slidell LA. They will help them choose the best window styles that will complement their home’s architecture and meet their budget requirements. The top window companies such as Renewal by Andersen will provide a wide range of options that are certified energy efficient and meet the high standards set by the Energy Star program.